Course of Study

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Course of Study

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University of South Carolina Upstate

Business Law (2 semester course)

Business Statistics

Calculus for Management

Financial Accounting

Human Resource Management

Managerial Accounting

Organizational Management (2 semester course)

Principles of Business Finance

Principles of Business Marketing

Small Business Management (2 semester course)

Economics (2 semester course)

Statistical Inference

American Government

Criminal Justice

Constitutional Law (2 semester course)

Comparative Politics

A Study of Public Policy

Southwest Automotive

Engine Repair and Maintenance

Engine Rebuild

Electrical System Repair

Drive Train Repair & Maintenance

Brake System Repair & Maintenance

Independent Coursework

Business Planning

Environmental Science

Mathematical Sets

Mathematical Logic

Mathematical Probability

Mathematical Statistics

Website Design

Website Maintenance

Comprehensive Religious Study of Christianity (2 semester course)

Comprehensive Religious Study of World Religions

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