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James E. Hollifield, Jr.

Financial Distressed Company Executive Management Experience

San Bernardino, California


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I graduated in 1981 from Southwest Automotive School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I attended the University of South Carolina Upstate from January 1993 till December 1996. I was working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. My major discipline was Business Administration and my minor discipline was Government Studies. To see some of the courses I have taken click here .



What I have done most of my life is operated companies in financial trouble. I supply comprehensive Executive Distress Management to companies in financial distress. I have always been able to returned a company to profitability. I am a Detail-oriented Problem Solver who can understand and resolve challenging problems. I can work alone (in a small business) or I can work with the Executive Team to return a company to profitability. I have always worked for Owner Operators and Family Trust Companies.

Will consider any size company in any industry. Prefer an operation in financial trouble, but not in bankruptcy or that has a Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan. Prefer an absentee owner or a Family Trust Company. I Can relocate.

Unemployed Seeking an Opportunity, San Bernardino, California, Feb 2017 – Present

I am seeking a company in financial distress in any industry. I can relocate.

I will consider any type of business in any industry. I would consider a larger Independent Truck Stop. I would consider a small grocery store chain, convenience store chain, restaurant chain and most any other type business of any size.

Now here is something I would consider. This did not happen to me of course, but I knew of these. I know of a guy that was given a twenty store convenience store chain and I know of a truck stop that was given to someone. They did not know the person that give them the business. Both business where in finance trouble (still making money) and the owner just want to get out of the business, before they start losing money. Now I would take and opportunity like this, so if you know of something like these situations please let me know.

Caregiver, Spartanburg, South Carolina, Jul 2009 – Jan 2017

I was the Caregiver for my mother. I also took care of her finances. I made sure she got her meals and medications (including two shots per day). I took her to her doctors appointments. If I needed to go anywhere, I had to make sure someone was there to take care of her while I was gone. I did take her with me when I went shopping, just to get her out of the house, but I had to watch her closely or she would just walk away.

President, Specialty Manufacturing, Spartanburg, SC, May 2001 to July 2003

I was responsible for the overall operation of the company, including purchasing, preparing the employee work schedule, maintaining accurate records, was responsible for human resources and cost control. I was also responsible for planning and implementing the production for the plant, from receiving the raw materials to shipping the finished product and for maintaining a high level of quality for the entire plant. I was charge with setting up and implementing the Quality Management System to meet the ISO 9001:2000 standard. This company had one plant and about one hundred employee’s. This was an Individually owned company and it was in financial trouble when I arrived. I was under a contract.

President, Upstate Manufacturing, Spartanburg, SC, May 1998 to June 2000

This was the largest company I have ever ran. It was a manufacturing company. I was hired over the phone by an Attorney and he sent me the contract in the mail. It was a Family Trust Company. There were six plants, the corporate office, a warehouse, a truck shop and a forklift shop. The Company had five hundred employees and was in financial trouble when I arrived.

General Manager, Marvin’s Travel Center, Blacksburg, SC, September 1988 to September 1990

This was last Truck Stop I ran. It sold One Million (1,000,000) gallons of diesel per month and Two Hundred Fifty Thousand (250,000) gallons of gasoline per month. I was responsible for the overall operation of the Truck stop, purchased and maintained sufficient inventory, prepared the employee work schedule, maintained accurate records, was responsible for human resources and cost control. This was an individually owned company. This was a new truck stop and I opened the doors as the General Manager. I was under contract here.

General Manager, Stateline Truck Stop, Blacksburg, SC, May 1985 to August 1988

This one was also in financial trouble when I went there. I was able to get sales up to One Million Five Hundred Thousand (1,500,000) gallons of diesel and Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) gallons of gasoline per month. It also had a convenience store, deli, dinner, buffet restaurant and a truck shop. It had its own fuel trucks because of the volume it did. I had a Secretary and an Accountant on site. The reason I left here was the head of the Family Trust passed away and the new leader of the Family Trust only wanted Family Trust Members in Management of the Family Trust companies. I was under a contract.

General Manager, Midway Truck Stop, Spartanburg, SC, June 1976 to October 1978

This was a small Union 76 Truck Stop. There were six diesel dispensers under a canopy and four pumps on the auto side (the auto side had never been updated) and did not have a canopy. It did have a nice restaurant. It was in financial trouble when I arrived. I was able to turn it around, but the owner would not put any money into it and the number one tank system begin to leak and it was losing ten thousand gallons of diesel fuel every ninety days, so I let him run it. It closed six months later. This was an individually owned company and I was under a contract.

Store Manager, Mr. Zip Convenience Stores, Spartanburg, SC, May 1973 to May 1976

At the age of sixteen I went to work for a 200 store Convenience Store Chain as a Stock Person. When I turned eighteen I went though Managers Training. I was never an Assistant Manager, nor was I ever a Relief Manager. I went straight from Stock Person to Store Manager. This Chain had almost a four hundred percent turnover rate. I ran the 2nd busiest Store in the Chain, then the 3rd busiest Store in the Chain and the 4th busiest Store in the Chain. I was the only person ever in the history of the company to be the Manager at two stores at the same time. After two years of sixteen hours a day, seven days a week I was burned out, so I quit. This was a Family owned company.

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